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About Us

Lori, Victoria & Louise are three sisters from Derbyshire.

Leaving the small town behind they took on their separate career journeys working for incredible brands such as Harrods and Tiffany’s. Having successfully progressed through their roles, the sisters have joined together professionally, which has allowed them to combine their career achievements, knowledge and experience to create LVL London, where they elevate, inspire and support development in the companies they work with.

They have a unique and unbreakable bond which allows them to work effortlessly together as a team.

Lori Powell

Lori has a luxury retail background spanning 12 years, progressing from sales through to senior management. Before partnering with her sisters to launch LVL London, Lori was the Learning & Development Director for Tiffanys & co. covering Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Lori's experience in Learning and Development plays a pivotal role in the structure of LVL London.
She has a great passion for people development whether it be personal or professional. She is also a mentor to young professionals who want to achieve career success in the corporate world.


Victoria Ntale

As the Senior Customer Care Manager for a fast-growing fashion tech company, Victoria manages a team of agents in both the UK and offsite offices. Prior to that, Victoria worked for the luxury department store Harrods, overseeing Givenchy as the Brand Manager.
Victoria is fully focused on delivering outstanding experiences for her clients whilst coaching a high performing and successful team.
Her role allows her to bring a detailed understanding of consumer behaviour and client management within retail to LVL London.

Louise Powell

Louise has 20 years of retail experience, including 10 years as the General Sales Manager of womenswear in Harrods, the worlds most luxurious department store. Before joining forces with her sisters to create LVL London, she was the Retail Director at Valentino.
With her extensive experience, Louise prides herself on her ability to lead and inspire her teams to achieve and exceed their goals and objectives.
Louise is an award winning leader in the luxury retail industry, well known for her leadership and commercial skills.

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