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LVL London

Business Consultancy

Lori Powell

Lori is a highly experienced Learning and Development professional with a wealth of expertise in driving growth through effective training initiatives. Prior to her current role as a consultant, Lori served as the Learning & Development Director for Tiffany & Co. in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, where she oversaw the implementation of sales initiatives, client experience training, and leadership development programs, including sales conferences. Throughout her career, Lori has demonstrated exceptional skills in coaching and fostering a culture of high performance and brand ambassadorship. She sits on the board of an Asset Management company as Non-Executive Director. In addition to her professional achievements, Lori is dedicated to the 
personal and professional development of young professionals and has delivered keynote speeches for university professionals seeking to excel in the corporate world.

Victoria, who is the Senior Customer Care Manager for a fast-growing fashion tech company, manages a global team of agents. Before this, she worked as the Brand Manager for Givenchy at the luxury department store, Harrods.
Victoria's primary focus is delivering exceptional customer experiences while coaching her team to achieve high performance.
Her extensive knowledge of online customer insights and trends enables her to bring a comprehensive understanding of these areas to LVL London.

Victoria Ntale

Louise Powell

Louise has 20 years of retail experience, including 10 years as the General Sales Manager of womenswear in Harrods, the worlds most luxurious department store. Before joining forces with her sisters to create LVL London, she was the Retail Director at Valentino.
With her extensive experience, Louise prides herself on her ability to lead and inspire her teams to achieve and exceed their goals and objectives.
Louise is an award winning leader in the luxury retail industry, well known for her leadership and commercial skills.


  • Personal & Professional Mentor

  • Leadership Coach 

  • Keynote Speaker 

  • Committee Board Member 

  • Non Executive Director

  • Non-Profit Charity Partner 

  • Winner of Harrods Award for Excellence in Leadership 

  • Harrods Retail Academy Ambassador 

  • Certified BIRA Oxford Summer School Retail Masters

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